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My name is Sherri Motohashi. I am a
NASM(National Academy of Sports Science) Certified Personal Trainer
PPSC (Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification)
Kettlebell Certification
TRX Certification
Metabolic Conditioning Certification 
At the age of 54 I was more than 100 lbs overweight, had high blood pressure, painful knees, no energy, terrible stomachaches everyday and struggled to walk up a flight of stairs. I transformed my body and lost over 100 lbs, changing from morbidly obese to leaner than 99% of women my current age. I no longer have high blood pressure or stomach aches and I can do things I never imagined before. I feel great everyday. My goal now is to help others that have given up, don’t know where to start, or are confused by all of the health and fitness information they are bombarded with.  I know how you feel, and I know how to do this, because I have done it! Let’s get started!

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At the age of 54 I was 100lbs overweight, with high blood pressure, poor digestion, and feeling tired, unhealthy and depressed. I was constantly sick. I was worried that i was going to have a stroke and leave my children with no parent.

One day while trying on clothes in the local mall, I had an epiphany in the changing room. I wanted to buy clothes that liked; I was miserable with how I looked and felt. I put myself on a strict low-calorie diet and started using the elliptical at the neighborhood gym twice a day.

I lost a lot of weight, but ended up skinny fat so I invested in a trainer and learned about resistance training. Fast forward to now I am 59 years old, and in love with exercising and happy to have achieved my goal physique and feel amazing and healthy. I have also become a certified personal trainer myself so that I can help others feel as good as I do.

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*Currently I train clients at Sport Central 247 in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
There are options for home training as well on consultation.

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Marta Rogic

It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend Sherri Motohashi as a personal trainer. I have been working with her on my fitness goals for a few months and have seen great results. Sherri helped me set realistic fitness goals focused on – attainable-lifestyle changes. She provides a good balance of encouragement and honest, practical guidance. Sherri has a great sense of humor, and creative teaching skills. She is very approachable, always ready to adapt an exercise or routine to my needs as I wait for carpal tunnel surgery or healed from shoulder bursitis. There are no gimmicks or fat shaming with Sherri. She has a special spark; I have learnt so much about diet and nutrition from her. Her fitness journey alone is an inspiration.

Camila Datsch

I’ve been working with Sherri for a couple of years now off and on, in person and online group classes. I decided to work with a trainer because I wasn’t achieving my goals. I wasn’t sure if I was doing exercises correctly, I was worried about injuring myself, and I didn’t know how often to workout or what kind of nutrition plan I should follow. When I worked out by myself, I would often give up easily and lacked motivation. When you train with Sherri you learn all allo f those things and in a training session it is very focused and you are doing your best and working harder than you would by yourself. You also learn how to train so that when you workout on your own, you workouts are more effective. I can highly recommend Sherri as a knowledgeable, dedicated and motivating trainer. She will teach you how to achieve your goals.

Alejandra Mejia

I have been working out with Sherri for more a year now. I have taken her online group class and private personal training sessions. Her persistence helps me to keep focused while improving my health and strength. I can personally say Sherri is not only a great personal trainer who teaches you and follows up on the best fitness practice for you, but she is also a coach with a great sense of motivation. Whenever I had told her I could not perform any exercise she helped me to trust in myself and the process. Over the past, she had helped me to build more confidence in myself and make the right choices when training. I give her my highest ratings and always look forward to training with her.”

Miki Tsuruta

I have been working with Sherri by zoom with private sessions and weekly group class for about a year Sherri is amazing! The result is obvious. I have lost 10 kg. She is a very good trainer. She encourages you and really helps you to achieve your goals. On top of that, working out with her is fun! Thanks to her cheerful and honest character, the time goes really quickly. Of course I feel tired (and sometimes exhausted) after training, but I also feel happy and energized. I absolutely recommend her for everyone!

Anita Bleick

Sherri is a phenomenal role model and trainer. How can I possibly make excuses or give less than 100% when Sherri has gone through all the knee, ankle, and other challenges I’m working through herself and came out better, stronger, and fitter than ever? She “gets” people like me (with injuries, overweight, years of inactivity, “ busy”) and works hard to tailor a program to address where I’m at – but also always with an eye to where I can go! Her infectious optimism makes nutrition and exercise fun, and her knowledge and skill as a coach and trainer give me confidence to push myself to achieve the goals we set together. Hiring Sherri to coach me was the best decision I have made for my health in a long time and the results are speaking for themselves. 10/10 would recommend.

Kathy Li

I constantly feel thankful that I met Sherri through work! What Sherri has accomplished with herself is inconceivable and I admire her perseverance in always striving to be her best self. I signed up with her as soon as I heard she obtained her license/certification. What I have accomplished in just two months is beyond my own expectations. She is extremely detail-oriented and thorough in explaining every cue in a movement so I can get the most out of it. Thanks to her, my understanding of how diet and body works has completely changed. If you’re looking for a trainer who forces you to eat more (even ice-cream), look no further! My tip to you – trust and listen to Sherri and she will guide you to where you want to be!